What Are the Names of Some Distributors of Azuvi Ceramic Tiles?

Azuvi ceramic tile distributors include State College Distributors, Chatham Carpet and Interiors and McCurley's Floor Center. The locations available in each area will differ due to limited number of national distributors. Customers will need to check with their local area flooring distributors to see if they carry the Azuvi tiles.

State College Distributors is located in Anaheim, California. The distributor carries Azuvi as one of many brands that it sells to consumers, trade specialists and construction companies. It may be possible that the company will ship products across the country as requested, but customers would need to talk to one of the State College specialists about the option.

Chatham Carpet and Interiors is located in Silver City, North Carolina. The company has been in business for approximately 41 years. It is locally owned and operated, so it primarily provides service to customers in the Silver City area instead of nationally.

McCurley's is located in San Francisco, California, specifically the Bay Area. It has been in business more than 40 years. It offers both in-house and onsite estimates for customers. The company does provide services nationally and has numerous stores and floor displays for customers to come in to look at. The majority of its locations are in the Bay Area but also include locations in Alameda County, Walnut Creek and Piedmont.