What Are the Names of Some Carpet Brands?

Some names of carpet brands include Associated Weavers International, Beaulieu Commercial, Axminster Carpets, Beaulieu of America and Bigelow Carpet. Other notable names are Burmatex, Carpets of Worth, Mohawk Air, Constantine Carpets and Desso. Durkan Patterned Carpets and Easton Carpets are also readily available in the marketplace.

Associated Weavers International manufactures both residential and commercial carpets and carpet tiles, while Axminster Carpets Ltd is a U.K. manufacturer of wool rugs and carpets. Beaulieu Commercial is a manufacturer of commercial carpets, and they include Dimension and Cambridge Carpets. Beaulieu of America offers woven rugs and indoor/outdoor carpets. Bigelow Carpet is a trademark of Carpet One.

The British company Burmatex is popular for contract carpeting and tile. Carpets of Worth is a U.K. manufacturer of Axminister, and Cavalier Carpet has carpets for residential and contract use. Mohawk Air is a division of Mohawk industries manufacturing woven nylon carpets for the airline industry. Constantine Carpets are manufacturers of both commercial and residential broadloom carpets. They use a patented, high density tufting process known as Multiple Yarn Infusion.

The European manufacturer Desso offers floor coverings for the office, retail, aviation, education, cruise ship and residential markets. Durkan Patterned Carpets is a division of the Mohawk Group manufacturing fine printed and patterned carpets. The hospitality industry is serviced by Easton Carpet manufacturers.