How Do You Get Nail Polish Out of Jeans?

To remove nail polish from jeans, liberally spray the stain with hairspray, and dab with a towel. Place a towel on the stain, and turn the jeans inside-out. Dab an acetone soaked cloth directly into the rear of the stain. Launder and dry as normal.

  1. Spray the nail polish hair spray

    Saturate the nail polish with a lacquer-based hair spray.

  2. Press into the polish

    With a clean paper towel or cloth, press into the stain to help remove polish. Do not scrub the polish, as this may spread the stain. Continue until no polish is transferred into the towel.

  3. Cover the polish stain

    After cleaning with hairspray, place several paper towels directly over the polish.

  4. Flip jeans inside-out

    Turn the jeans inside-out so the rear of the stain is visible.

  5. Soak a towel in acetone

    Dip a corner of a clean towel or cloth into an acetone-based nail polish remover.

  6. Dab the stain

    Firmly dab the rear of the stain with the acetone-covered towel. Repeat until no polish is transferred to the paper towels.

  7. Prepare for launder

    Turn the jeans right-side-out. Treat the nail polish stain with your preferred prewash stain remover.

  8. Wash the jeans

    Launder the jeans according to its fabric instructions.

  9. Dry and review the stain

    Fully dry the jeans, and review the nail polish stain. If evidence of the stain remains, have the jeans professionally dry cleaned.