Why Must Factory Window Stickers Be Placed on the Windows?


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The factory window sticker must appear on a vehicle because it is illegal not to show it. The law is in place to keep dealerships honest and to show information such as smog emissions data, fuel economy, cost and features of the vehicle.

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This law requires several points of information to appear on the window sticker. Only the owner of the car should ever remove the sticker, though sometimes a salesman at the dealership removes the sticker and gives it to the owner before he drives away. Required information includes the model, make and vehicle information number. Other required information on a window sticker is the location of the vehicle's assembly, the address and name of the dealership, and information about the transportation method of the vehicle.

The window sticker also contains the retail price of the vehicle, which is the manufacturer's suggested retail price, and prices of each item or accessory. The window sticker also shows the destination charge, which is the price of transporting the vehicle, and a total amount for all of the vehicle's price points. Any safety ratings also appear on the window sticker, and information such as side, rollover and crash test results are also available.

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