How Much Does a Trane XL 1200 Cost?

As of 2015, the average price for a Trane XL 1200 air conditioning unit is $2500, according to air conditioning installers Comfort Specialists. This price is inclusive of installation costs.

The Trane XL 1200 was considered the top Trane cooling unit of its generation, boasting high energy efficiency, a quiet two-speed fan and a rugged steel exterior housing to protect the condenser and compressor. Exterior components of the XL 1200 were weatherproofed to prevent rust, and a special Weather Guard top prevented debris from entering the unit's housing through its vents. The Trane XL 1200 came with a 10-year warranty. As of 2015, the Trane XL 1200 is out of production, as reported by home heating website Furnace Compare.