How Much Tile Would I Need to Retile a 1,200-Square-Foot Floor?

To tile a 1,200-square-foot floor, tilers need 534 18-inch tiles, 1,200 12-inch tiles, 2,134 9-inch tiles, 4,800 6-inch tiles or 11,020 4-inch tiles. These numbers include a 10 percent waste allowance to account for breakage and irregular cuts.

Textured ceramic tiles are a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms or any other space that encounters moisture. These durable tiles come in number of colors and styles. For really slippery spots, add traction with limestone, slate or quarry tile or brick pavers. For areas with a high risk of chipping, opt for porcelain tiles. Unlike ceramic tiles that have a surface glaze, porcelain tiles feature even coloring throughout the depth of the stone. If scratches are a concern, choose marble or granite tiles, which can be buffed to improve their appearance.

In the United States, tile flooring follows a grading system. Grade II tiles are suitable for residential rooms with light traffic, such as bathrooms. Grade III and Grade IV tiles are rated for residential or commercial applications with regular traffic. Grade V tiles can withstand chemical exposure, equipment abuse and heavy traffic in industrial environments. This rating system should not be confused with retail-quality grades, which represent the likelihood of defects in a batch of flooring.