How Much Space Is Needed for a 30 Cubic Foot Refrigerator?

While the dimensions of a 30-cubic-foot refrigerator vary by manufacturer and model, a Whirlpool side-by-side is 35 7/16 inches wide, 69 1/4 inches high and 29 3/8 inches deep. A Samsung French door refrigerator with bottom drawer is 35 3/4 by 70 by 37 7/8 inches.

As of 2015, most manufacturers design refrigerators for a 30-inch, 33-inch or 36-inch opening with a height of 66, 68 or 70 inches. The 36-inch by 70-inch opening gives the buyer the greatest number of options. When shopping for refrigerators, buyers must also measure the dimensions when the door is open. The Whirlpool model requires a 50 7/8-inch clearance for the door to open to a 90-degree angle.