How Much Does Snow Plow Removal Service Generally Cost?

As of 2015, the average cost for residential snow removal service is between $341 and $415. Prices vary depending on location, the length of the driveway and what is included in the service contract.

The biggest factor in calculating the cost of a snow removal contract is the length of the driveway. The longer the driveway, the higher the price of snow removal. Dirt and gravel driveways can also raise the price of snow removal because they take longer to clear compared to concrete.

Location is another component that affects the fee for snow removal. Areas that get more snow annually require more frequent service, and the cost of removal is higher. However, people living in places that receive lots of snow usually pay a reasonable rate because the work is steady through the season for the contractor. Additionally, extra services such as the clearing of walkways and sidewalks raise the price of snow removal.