How Much Do PV Solar Panels Cost?


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As of 2015, most PV solar panels cost about $1 per watt, with unit prices, on average, between $200 and $400. Some panels cost much more or less due to producing more or fewer watts; others are sold in sets that are variable in price.

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The cost of a panel is typically rendered as price per watt. The website Wholesale Solar lists PV solar panels that cost from 90 cents to $1.41 per watt. GoGreenSolar.com offers PV solar panels ranging from 74 cents to $1.42 per watt, with most prices close to $1.

The cheapest solar panels tend to be very low wattage. For example, Solarland offers a 10-watt panel for $36.25, available at the Wholesale Solar website. The most expensive offering at GoGreenSolar.com offers 30 times more wattage for about $430. More wattage corresponds with higher price per watt.

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