How Much Power Does a Fridge Use?


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A refrigerator uses between 41 and 135 kilowatts per month, depending on its size and age. The larger and older a refrigerator is, the more electricity it uses.

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A new, 18-cubic-foot refrigerator uses an average of 41 kilowatts per month, compared to a 20-year-old model that uses 98 kilowatts per month. A new, 22-cubic-foot refrigerator uses 56 kilowatts per month, while a 20-year-old model uses 135 kilowatts per month.

Refrigerators with top freezers use 10-15 percent less power than refrigerators with side freezers. Models that have an Energy Star qualification typically use 15 percent less electricity, because they offer improved insulation and more efficient compressors.

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