How Much Does a NutriBullet Juicer Typically Cost?

How Much Does a NutriBullet Juicer Typically Cost?, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond all sell the NutriBullet high-power blender for approximately $90, as of March 2015. The machine comes with multiple accessories, including an extractor blade, three cups, lip rings and cup lids.

The NutriBullet is a powerful high-speed blender that is designed to pulverize vegetables, fruits and other food items to create smooth and highly nutritious shakes that are easy for the body to absorb. The blender has a 600-watt motor and patented nutrient extractor blades that thoroughly break down soft foods, such as strawberries and bananas, as well as tough foods, such as carrots, broccoli, walnuts and flax seeds.