How Much Money Can You Save Using a Clothesline Instead of a Dryer?


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Depending on usage, drying clothing on a clothesline can save $10.80 a month. Operating an electric-powered dryer can cost between $.25 and $.70 to run for an hour; respectably, a gas dryer cost $.12 per hour. Operating an electric dryer for two hours a day, three times a week, at the median kilowatt rate of $.45 an hour, the cost is $2.70 weekly and $10.80 monthly.

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How Much Money Can You Save Using a Clothesline Instead of a Dryer?
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Air drying garments on clotheslines save money in other ways. There is no need for dryer sheets and other laundry related supplies. Long term savings include the replacement cost from the impact of wear and tear due to dryer usage. When operating a dryer during summer months, it requires more energy to keep the home cool; this can result in higher electric bills. Lastly, the maintenance cost of keeping a drying operational can be expensive. An average repair on a dryer can cost more than $275.34 for one service appointment. Occasionally, other parts such as a vent, power cord, flex line, and dryer filter need replacement. The useful life of a dryer is 15 years, if a replacement is needed it can exceed $400 for an electric, and $500 for a gas unit. Comparably with air drying, the only replacement cost is a $1.50 for a clothesline.

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