How Much Does Squirrel Repellent Cost at Lowe's?


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The price for squirrel repellent available at Lowe's is between $11.97 and $16.98 as of 2016. The price varies between branded products and may also be affected by location.

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If shopping for squirrel repellent online at Lowes.com, submit a ZIP code to see current pricing and availability in local stores.

Products available at Lowe's that act as squirrel repellents are also formulated to repel other animals, and as such, squirrel repellent may not actually appear in the product name. The 32-ounce Ready-To-Use Critter Ridder Animal Deterrent manufactured by Havahart costs less than $16 at Lowe's and can be used to repel up to six nuisance animals, including raccoons and squirrels. GA Deer and Rabbit repellent from Bonide costs less than $12 and is another example of a repellent sold at Lowe's that also protects plants from squirrel predation.

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