How Much Kerosene Does a Master Kerosene Heater Hold?


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Master heaters hold between five and 36 gallons of kerosene depending upon model. B30 through B70 series hold five gallons, and B100 and B115 models take nine gallons. Larger M, TA and B150 to B200 series store 13.5 gallons, while B350 and B600 series hold 30 and 36 gallons respectively.

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Master has been selling portable heaters since 1982. Their range includes forced air, convection and radiant construction heaters, salamander heaters, torpedo heaters and tank top heaters. Each model is available in natural gas, propane, kerosene or fuel oil, depending on the style. Details of the full range, including kerosene tank capacity, are available at the Master Heaters website.

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