How Much Does Ice Maker Tubing Cost?


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Lowes and Home Depot sell a Watts ice maker tubing and installation kit for approximately $10, as of 2015. The kit includes 25 feet of 125-PSI polyethylene tubing, a self-tapping brass saddle valve and all necessary fittings and connectors. The kit fits all 1/4-inch ice makers and includes installation instructions.

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Watts makes a similar kit with 15 feet of copper tubing at a price of roughly $20. For ice maker installations connecting to PEX tubing, a variant PVC kit with compression fittings is also available. The PEX kit includes 25 feet of PVC tubing at approximately $20. If an application requires a higher PSI rating, stainless steel connectors are also available, although some consumers have expressed an unpleasant taste from such installations.

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