How Much Does an Endless Pool Cost?

According to the Endless Pool company website, the cost of their signature "Endless Pool" line starts at $22,900 for the 8' x 15' system, as of 2014. It comes with a 5-hp motor, a filter, heater, cover and control panel. Options, upgrades, shipping and installation costs vary and are not included in the base price. Operation costs are similar to the costs of operating a hot tub or spa.

The Endless Pools company also offers spa pools, fiberglass models, free-standing models and current generation motors for existing pools that range in cost from $7,400 to over $26,000. According to an article in Home Adviser, Endless Pools is one of the companies that make pools fitted with resistance generation systems designed to simulate lap swimming. The strong motor and propeller circulates up to 5,000 gallons of water per minute. Vents re-circulate the water in a cycle according to the speed settings on the control panel. Optional upgrades include dual propulsion pumps that provides additional currents for a second swimmer and therapeutic jets for hydrotherapy. According to the company website, Endless Pools are designed to provide exercise and therapy in relatively less space than a conventional backyard pool or lap pool.