How Much Electricity Does a Tumble Dryer Use?


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Carbon Footprint notes that electric tumble dryers use about 2.5 kilowatt hours of electricity per cycle. It estimates that an electric tumble dryer costs about £37 to run per year, as opposed to £11 to operate a gas tumble dryer per year.

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As of 2014, tumble dryers sold in the United Kingdom feature labels that grade the energy consumption from G for the least efficient up to A+++ for the most efficient. The energy consumption is measured in a standardized test of each tumble dryer's cotton cycle.

Some of the most energy-efficient residential tumble dryers available as of 2014 include the Panasonic NH-P80G2, which has an A++ grade and consumes 1.67 kilowatt hours per cycle, and the Bosch WTW863S1GB, which also has an A++ grade and consumes 1.65 kilowatt hours per cycle.

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