How Much Is Denby Pottery Worth?

The age, rarity and overall condition of your Denby pottery will determine its current value in today's collectors' market. Collectors preferences come and go, which also affects pottery's value.

An quick, easy way to get an idea of the selling price of Denby pottery is to compare it to similar pieces that have been recently sold on auction sites like eBay. It can also be helpful to check with antique dealers, many of whom give appraisals on pottery for little to no cost.

Denby has been making hand-made pottery and stoneware in England since 1809. Their first pieces were salt-glazed stoneware bottles made in different sizes to hold all kinds of liquids, from ink to drinking water. Today, Denby produces a huge variety of stoneware, glassware and novelty pieces in a multitude of finishes, colors and patterns.