How Much Dampness Can a Basement Dehumidifier Handle?


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Manufacturers measure the amount of moisture a dehumidifier can remove in pints per 24-hour period, with the Danby Premiere DDR70A2GP having a 70-pint capacity and the PrimeAire PA5010E having a 50-pint capacity. The amount of water in the air depends on the basement size and relative humidity.

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A 1,000 square foot basement that is moderately damp feels humid and has a musty odor during humid weather requires a dehumidifier that is able to remove 14 pints every 24 hours. However, if the air is extremely wet, as when there is water standing on the floor or laundry hanging to dry, the space requires a dehumidifier with a 24-pint capacity. Increasing the area increases the size of dehumidifier it requires.

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