How Much Will It Cost to Tent Fumigate My House?

As of 2011, tent fumigation for homes that have termites can cost anywhere from roughly $1,200 to $3,800. Larger houses usually cost more to fumigate than smaller houses.

While fumigation isn't the only method for getting rid of termites, it is the most comprehensive and a better way of making sure that the termite infestation is taken care of. During fumigation, the home is completely sealed before a toxic gas is pumped inside and allowed to remain anywhere from two to five days. The home is unsealed, and the air is tested to make sure that the air is safe.

It's recommended that homeowners choose a reliable exterminator who locks all of the doors to the home and puts up warning signs that the residence is being fumigated. All food and plants have to be removed from the premises before it can be fumigated, and the gas needs to be turned off as well.

In addition to the fumigation, the home more than likely has to be inspected to make sure there is actually a termite infestation. The inspection can cost anywhere between $100 and $200 and is dependent on the size of the home. Depending on the company, the inspection may be free.