How Much Does It Cost to Repair Window Blinds?


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As of 2014, the average cost to repair window blinds is $100, based on 1,597 cost profiles, according to HomeAdvisor. The lowest repair cost was $50, whereas the highest reported cost was $250.

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Minor repairs such as slat replacement or restringing typically cost around $10 to $20. Slat repair is one of the most common repairs on window blinds, because blinds consist of a group of slats that can bend or break over time. Repair specialists may replace broken or bent slats or change the entire string portion that secures the slats. Replacing blind valance clips is also usually affordable and fast.

Blind slats made of wood or another expensive material may require costly repairs starting from around $35 per slat. The cost of fixing motorized blinds was approximately $70. To find out if replacing the motor is necessary, individuals should check if the blinds have stopped moving. It's also important to consult a blind and shade expert to determine the necessary repairs.

People who hire professionals for blind repairs usually pay for the materials and labor. Costs vary considerably depending on the type of materials. For example, changing valance clips may cost only a few dollars, whereas replacing a blind motor can cost $50 or more. Labor costs typically don't exceed $20 per hour.

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