How Much Does It Cost to Rent Kitchen Appliances?


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Renting kitchen appliances costs anywhere between $19.99 a week to $129.00 a month, as of March 2015. However, those numbers are dependent upon a number of criteria, such as the size and type of the specific appliance rented, an individual's location and how long an individual wishes to rent.

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Larger appliances, such as refrigerators and stoves, tend to be more expensive than smaller appliances, such as chest freezers. Prices for refrigerators range between $49.99 a month to $129.99 or higher. Ranges can range anywhere between $89.99 and $119.99 or higher. Another factor that increases the price is the specific appliance's original manufacturer's price. More expensive appliances generally cost more to rent. Also, larger sizes, such as 20 cubic foot refrigerators, cost more to rent than smaller refrigerators.

How long an individual desires to rent is another factor that affects the cost, as well as which rental store one chooses. Rent-A-Center offers rental prices that are billed every week, whereas Aaron's lets people rent appliances for a month at a time. Renting by the week increases costs by a considerable amount. However, if an individual is renting for only a few days, then it can be much more affordable to rent by the week. Cost also increases if one is leasing or renting to own versus just renting, with the option to own costing more than renting in most cases.

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