How Much Does It Cost to Install a Tile Shower?

The cost of installing a tile shower in a shower area of approximately 80 square feet that includes three walls and floor ranges from $240 to $8000 depending on the tile pricing that varies from $3 to $100 per square foot. Additional installation costs include the price of plumbing works.

The prices of tiles for a shower vary greatly depending on the material it is made of. To reduce the tile shower installation costs, expensive tiles can be chosen only for the border areas. Also, tiling can be done for only the three walls of a shower. However, if the shower has a lip on one side, it must also be tiled, which increases the installation cost.

As of 2014, a cement backerboard sheet of 36 by 60 inches dimensions, for the shower walls, costs approximately $15. If a waterproofing membrane is added to prevent leakage, then the installation cost increases by about $600. Also, the materials required for plumbing works cost around $100 to $200. If professional plumbers are being hired, then their charges must also be included in the total installation cost.

Installing a shower door entails another additional expenditure that can range from $100 for a simple Plexiglass door to $4000 for doors made of solid glass with a metal frame.