How Much Does It Cost to Install a Septic System?

The national average cost for installing a septic tank in the United States is approximately $4,000 to $6,000 according to These costs vary greatly in both directions depending on location and the size of the tank. The type of system being installed can also affect the price along with the type of property it is located on.

Septic systems can vary in many aspects from size to the materials used in their construction. There are many features that are standard, such as the tank, vault and piping. Variations in cost are due to the material the tank is made of, the piping, the type and amount of gravel, the size of the system and the kind of property on which it is installed.

Tanks come in either concrete or steel versions. Steel is the least popular and least durable material, and steel tanks may need to be replaced sooner than those made of other materials. There are also fiberglass tanks, but these are prone to structural damage and shifting in the soil.

Other Considerations
Details such as the choice of gravel and piping may be responsible for differences in price depending on location, land type and the distance from the tank to the building it will be serving. The longer the distance, the more the system costs, as more material is needed to cover the distance. The same applies to the materials used to build the system.

Installation Costs
The company used to install a system can also impact the price of a project. It is best to talk to several companies for estimates before making a decision about who to use for the install. Having several bids to choose from provides a fuller view of what each company can offer, as well as the choice of materials, the time involved and any warranty that might be included.