How Much Does a Commercial Electric Skillet Cost?


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The cost of a commercial electric skillet usually ranges from $45 to $250, as of 2015. The price varies by retailer, and also depends on the size and brand of the skillet. Larger skillets generally cost more than smaller models.

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Special features increase the price of an electric skillet. Popular features include non-stick coatings, cool-touch handles and tempered glass lids. Non-stick surfaces facilitate cleaning, and cool-touch handles allow for safe transfer of the hot skillet from a counter to a buffet or dining table. Many skillets are also dishwasher-safe because they feature removable temperature controls.

Some premium electric skillets have a temperature display, timer and automatic shutoff feature. These appliances offer precise temperature control and turn off when the rundown timer expires.

Small commercial-quality electric skillets measure between 10 to 14 inches, and are suitable for home use. They are often used to prepare pancakes, French toast, home fries and eggs. In addition to cooking food, portable electric skillets often appear on buffet tables, where they function as chafing dishes. Large commercial models, however, are too big and heavy for use outside of professional kitchens. They accommodate gallons of food and are not portable. Foods prepared in these skillets include sauces, soups, eggs, rice and vegetables.

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