How Much Do the Best 5-Ton Air Conditioners Cost?

much-5-ton-air-conditioners-cost Credit: Tetra images/Tetra images/Getty Images

Average prices for the Goodman DSXC18 series air conditioner are approximately $2,109 not including installation as of 2014, as reported by review website Furnace Compare. The DSXC is available in a five-ton version and is considered the top air conditioner of its class by Furnace Compare.

Wholesale costs for 5-ton air conditioning units are considerably lower than costs including installation. For comparison, Furnace Compare lists the average cost of another top-rated air conditioner, the Trane XR15, as $6,462 including installation. Costs for installation can quickly reach several times the price of the air conditioner itself, especially if adding extensive ductwork is required in the home where the air conditioner is installed.