What Is MSDS' Information for Clorox Bleach?


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The Material Safety Data Sheet for Clorox Bleach sodium hypochlorite solution has health warnings for the eyes and for skin and says bleach solution may cause vomiting if ingested. The MSDS carries warnings that bleach solution also may exacerbate heart conditions or chronic respiratory problems if a person is exposed to mist or vapor. Prolonged contact may pit or corrode metal, but quantities of less than 5 gallons is flushable down the drain if there is a spill.

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What Is MSDS' Information for Clorox Bleach?
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Emergency first aid for people whose eyes are exposed to chlorine bleach includes flushing the eyes with water for at least 15 minutes and seeing a doctor if there is any irritation. If a person's skin is exposed to it, he should remove his clothing and wash the area with water. If ingested, drink a glassful of water and call the doctor. If a person develops breathing problems from inhalation, the MSDS advises immediately getting fresh air. People handling chlorine bleach are advised to wear rubber gloves, a respirator and eye protection.

If a quantity larger than 5 gallons spills, the MSDS advises containing it with an absorbent material or mop and disposing of the waste material or water according to regulations. Then, rinse the spill area with water to reduce oxidation from the bleach.

The MSDS advises against mixing chlorine bleach with other household cleaners, including vinegar, rust remover, acid, toilet-bowl cleaner and ammonia. Store sodium hypochlorite solution in a cool, dry place.I

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