How Do You Mow the Lawn?

How Do You Mow the Lawn?

All you'll need to mow your lawn is a lawnmower and the right technique. Mowing a lawn takes a variable amount of time depending on the speed at which the grass is cut and the size of the yard. Check the conditions of the lawn before beginning to mow.

  1. Make sure the conditions are appropriate

    Ensure that you do not damage your lawnmower or grass by cutting at a bad time. Don't mow during the hottest part of the day, and avoid mowing when the grass is wet. It should be relatively cool and dry when you start mowing the lawn. If it begins to rain, you should stop mowing. Wet conditions are dangerous and can damage your lawnmower

  2. Adjust the lawnmower settings

    When cutting grass use a higher blade setting to keep the lawn healthy. The standard mower height works for most lawns, but if your lawn is particularly overgrown you may want to set it to the highest level. This avoids cutting too much grass at once and possibly causing damage.

  3. Mow the lawn

    Start the lawn mower and begin moving it across the grass. If possible, avoid making turns on the grass while the blades are cutting. Work in straight lines with a small amount of overlap to ensure you cover the entire lawn.