How Do You Move a Wooden Deck?

How Do You Move a Wooden Deck?

To move a wooden deck, first disassemble its various pieces, and then move them in small or individual units. Use a forklift or a trailer to shift the disassembled deck pieces.

To disassemble the deck pieces, remove all items from the deck's surface, and undo the balusters and the posts to remove the railing. Also, remove the bolts that attach the deck to the ledger board. Unscrew the screws that secure the stairs, and pull the stairs out as a single piece.

Next, remove some soil from around the posts to loosen them. Alternatively, snip the posts as near to the ground as possible. The deck should now look like a platform. To make the movement easier, remove the boards of the deck from their frame, and stack them on the ground.

Shift the deck to the new area using a forklift or manual labor. If required, cut the platform in half along its depth before moving it.

Alternatively, reverse a flat bed trailer beneath the deck frame using a truck. Place concrete blocks at the trailer's four corners, place jacks on top of the blocks, and adjust the jacks so that they touch the deck frame's bottom. Secure the frame in position on the trailer using straps. Stack the other deck pieces under the frame on the trailer, and transport to the new area.