How Do You Move a Used Mobile Home?


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To move a used mobile home, research, locate and hire a reputable moving company, and prepare the mobile home for the move. If insurance is not included in the services of the company you choose, research and purchase insurance to cover any property damage that the move may potentially cause.

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Prepare the mobile home to be moved by first removing all exterior attachments, such as awnings, porch light fixtures, flower baskets and window boxes. Remove the skirting that goes around the bottom of the mobile home. Temporarily screw the screen doors shut to prevent them from flying open during transport. Make sure all utilities are disconnected. However, in the winter, ensure that the heat is not disconnected until the day of transport to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Pack and remove everything in the exterior of the home that could be damaged during the transport. Secure or fasten shut all drawers, interior doors and medicine cabinets. Remove the lid of the toilet, and secure the toilet seat and lid.

Remove as much of the interior content as possible, besides the appliances. Reducing the overall weight of the mobile home helps ensure a safe transport without stresses. Exercise good communication skills with the drivers regarding the move.

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