How Do You Move a Refrigerator?


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Move a refrigerator by emptying all contents, turning the switch to the off position, disconnecting the water and power, and using an appliance dolly and moving straps. Keep the refrigerator in an upright position except when tilting it back on the appliance dolly. Be sure to measure door openings and other areas you will be moving the appliance through to be sure that it fits with ease.

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  1. Empty the unit

    Remove all food from the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Store these foods in a safe location so they remain at an ideal temperature. Also remove any shelves and storage bins.

  2. Disconnect power and water

    Follow the manufacturer's directions for disabling the icemaker. Turn the unit switch to the off position, and disconnect the power. Turn off the water feed for the icemaker, and disconnect the supply line.

  3. Move the fridge with an appliance dolly

    Slide the unit out from its normal position. Secure the appliance dolly on one side of the refrigerator, and wrap the moving straps around the fridge. Tilt the dolly back to lift the fridge, and roll it from the kitchen to the truck. Use the stair-climbing assembly on the back of the appliance dolly to maneuver up or down any stairs.

  4. Load the refrigerator

    Load the refrigerator into the truck, and secure it in place using the appropriate straps. Keep the fridge upright in the truck to prevent oil from leaking into the cooling coils and ruining the device. Make sure the doors are secure during transport.

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