How Do You Move a House?


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The process of relocating a home or other structure involves first raising the home above its foundation and then installing a series of structural supports known as cribs. Rails or dollies are then attached to the cribs or the structure is loaded onto a truck for transport to a new location. Other methods for moving a structure require disassembling the home before shipping it in sections and reassembling the structure at the new location.

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Elevating a whole structure is commonly accomplished by attaching a temporary steel framework to the underside of the structure. This framework provides the stability and support needed to move the home. A network of hydraulic jacks underneath this framework elevate the home, controlled by a unified jacking control system that ensures a smooth and even lifting process. Alternately, elevating a structure requires a series of manually-turned building jacks.

After lifting the home to an appropriate height, a flat bed truck or a series of hydraulic dollies is positioned beneath the steel framework. After the home is transported to the new location, it is left in place on the truck or dollies while the new foundation is poured and prepared. The home is lowered onto the foundation, and utility connections are made.

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