How Do You Move Heavy Furniture up Stairs?

move-heavy-furniture-up-stairs Credit: Astronaut Images/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Moving heavy furniture up stairs is tricky, especially in apartment buildings and multi-level homes. This task should not be attempted without at least three healthy people assisting with the lifting, and a fourth acting as a guide to help the movers negotiate difficult corners.

  1. Make preparations advises movers to map the route the furniture will be carried. Count the steps and take note of any sharp corners or obstacles that are in the way. Also, make the furniture as light as possible. Remove drawers from dressers, detach doors from cabinets and unscrew headboards from bed frames when possible.

  2. Build a ramp

    For negotiating short flights of stairs, it is beneficial to make a temporary ramp. Lay down pieces of plywood to slide the furniture up. This is the easiest and safest way to move heavy furniture, but may not be possible on longer fights of stairs.

  3. Lift from the knees

    Grab the bottom edge of the furniture in a firm grip and lift from the knees, not the back. Bending at the knees helps reduce the risk of straining or pulling a muscle. Avoiding injury is important because it could slow the move down, or even keep it from being able to finish in a timely manner.