How Do You Move an Electrical Outlet?


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To move an electrical outlet, cut a hole for the electrical box in the new location, install the box, run wires from the old location to the new one, connect the wires to the receptacle, and screw the receptacle onto the box. Switch off the power before starting this project.

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  1. Cut the electrical box hole

    Shut off the power supply to the outlet you intend to move. Test the outlet with a voltage meter to ascertain that it's current free. Hold the new electrical box against the new outlet location, and use a pencil to draw around the box. Cut out the outline with a drywall saw.

  2. Install the electrical box

    Pull the electric cords from the old outlet location to the transfer location. Add a new wire if the existing wire does not reach the new location. Run the wire through the feed in the box, set the box in the new hole, and secure the box onto the drywall with screws. Be sure the box is flush with the wall.

  3. Wire the outlet

    Attach the white wire to the neutral screw, the black wire to the hot screw and the solid copper wire to the ground screw. Push the receptacle into the box, secure it in place with screws, and protect it with a cover plate. Cover the old electrical box with a blank plate, switch on the power, and test the outlet.

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