How Do You Mount a Wood Spice Rack on the Wall?


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To mount a wood spice rack on a wall, begin by positioning the rack in a place on the wall where there is enough room to store and remove the spice containers. Using a pencil, mark the wall along the top edge and sides of the spice rack.

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If there is already a keyhole opening on the back of the rack, measure the distance from the side and top of the rack to the opening. If there is not a keyhole opening, create a hole deep enough for the head of a wood screw with a drill. Using the measurements, mark the wall inside the marks already made. Use a stud finder to ensure there are not studs directly behind the anchor marks. Next, use a level to ensure the markings are even and make any adjustments necessary.

Place a 1/4-inch bit into the drill and drill a hole into the anchor marks on the wall. Insert a plastic screw anchor into the holes as far as you can and lightly hammer it the rest of the way in if any portion remains outside the hole until the rim of the anchor is flush to the wall. Screw a 1-inch wood screw into the anchor, leaving 1/4 inch of the screw exposed. Slide the spice rack into place by placing the exposed screws into the larger end of the keyhole opening and then pulling it down.

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