How Do You Mount a Small Under-Cabinet TV?


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In order to mount a small under-cabinet TV, choose a location, drill the mounting holes, attach the mounting bracket and attach the television set. The type of mounting bracket that is needed may vary depending on the type of TV being used and the construction of the cabinets. Cabinets that have an overhang may require a longer mounting bracket or longer screws and some spacers to ensure good visibility of the entire viewing area.

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Place the TV near an electrical outlet but away from any appliances or devices that can cause electronic interference such as fluorescent light bulbs and refrigerators. Do not place the TV near any heat sources, including toasters, toaster ovens or stovetops. Make sure that the mounting location that you select has a clear view from all of the angles that you may want to watch the TV.

Empty the bottom shelf of the cabinet that you are installing the mount underneath. Place the mounting bracket upside down on top of the bottom shelf and mark the holes. Some under-cabinet TVs and mounting bracket kits come with templates to use for this purpose. Drill holes as indicated by the marks.

Attach the mounting bracket with the screws provided, inserting any spacers that are needed. Some TV models have the bracket built into the top mounting surface of the TV. Plug in the electrical power and connect any necessary antenna or video signal source cables required to complete the installation.

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