How Do You Mount a Shallow Electrical Box on the Wall?


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To mount a shallow electrical box on a wall, trace its outline, cut around the tracing with a drywall saw, thread the wires through the box, set it into the wall, and hammer it into place. The required supplies are a torpedo level, a pencil, a drywall saw, a hammer and a screwdriver. This procedure usually takes about an hour. Check local electrical codes before installing an electrical box.

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  1. Trace the outline

    Place the box in its intended location, set a torpedo level on top of it, and adjust the box until the top is perfectly parallel to the floor. Trace its outline with a pencil, and set the box aside.

  2. Turn off the electricity

    Shut off the electricity in the room.

  3. Cut around the pencil outline

    Using a drywall saw, cut around your pencil tracing.

  4. Grasp the wires

    Reach into the wall to grasp the wires that need to connect to the new box. Gently pull them through the hole, and thread them into the back of the box.

  5. Insert the box

    Set the box into the wall, and pull gently on the wires threaded through it. Use a hammer to gently tap on the box's edges until it is firmly nestled inside the wall.

  6. Turn the screws

    Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws at the top and bottom of the box. The screws are connected to retractable anchors that dig into the back of the drywall and stabilize the box. Once the box is firmly anchored, it is ready to be fitted with outlets or switches.

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