How Do You Mount a Shadow Box on a Wall?

mount-shadow-box-wall Credit: londoneye/iStock/Getty Images

To mount a shadow box on a wall, glue hanging hardware to the shadow box frame, locate a suitable position for hanging the shadow box, drill a mounting hole on the wall, and attach the shadow box over the wall with a mounting hook. Be sure that the wall where you mount the shadow box is free of electric cables and water pipe before drilling the mounting hole.

Start by gathering a drill, shadow box hanging hardware, hot glue, a pencil and a hook. Use the hot glue to securely attach the hanging hardware onto the shadow box frame corners in a desired position.

To locate a suitable hanging position, hold the shadow box against the wall where you intend to mount it, making sure that the place is appropriate and changing the location as needed. Alternatively, seek the opinion of somebody else about the location. Once you determine a suitable position, hold the box in place, and use the pencil to mark the mounting hole over the wall. Using the drill, make the mounting hole at the marked spot, and secure the shadow box onto the wall with the mounting hook, taking care to ensure that the shadow box is level.