How Do You Mount Brackets for Window Air Conditioners?

mount-brackets-window-air-conditioners Credit: Andrew Bain/CC-BY-2.0

After measuring the window and leveling the brackets, drill the holes to install the brackets. Use screws to secure the brackets onto the window frame and house. A measuring tape, level, angle brackets, scrap wood, hammer, window AC brackets, a pencil, screws, a saw and a drill are required for this project.

  1. Measure the window

    Measure the window's width, and use a pencil to mark the center. Line the bracket on the window sill near the top portion so it can lean against the window frame. The bottom part of the anchor flush should be against the side of the house.

  2. Check the bracket

    Use the level to check the bracket's angle, and consult the manufacturer's instructions to ensure proper installation. Some air conditioners may not work if they are not level.

  3. Adjust the bracket

    Confirm that the bracket is in proper place, make any necessary adjustments, and mark the bracket holes with a pencil. Set the brackets aside.

  4. Drill the holes

    Drill the necessary holes, and place the brackets into position. Use the screws to install the brackets. Affix the brackets to the side of the house and frame.

  5. Install the unit

    Place the air conditioner on the brackets. Attach the accordion panels if the manufacturer's instructions deem it necessary.

  6. Add indoor brackets

    Place a smaller angled bracket at the bottom frame and sash of the window, and mark each side for drilling. Drill the holes, but avoid drilling through the frame. Install the inside brackets on the bottom and sash. This prevents the unit from coming loose.