How Do You Mount a Bed on a Wall?

Mount a bed on a wall by integrating a bed in a storage cabinet. The bed can be folded and stored when not in use. You need a storage cabinet, a medium-density fiberboard, pieces of wood, hinges, screws, a saw, wood glue and casters to complete this project.

  1. Buy a cabinet

    Purchase a wood storage cabinet that is a few inches longer and wider than the mattress you intend to place on the bed.

  2. Pick a location for the bed

    Choose a place on the wall for the mounted bed. Locate the studs in the wall. Push the cabinet against the wall just above the baseboard. Attach a few 3-inch screws into the back of the cabinet and the studs. Ensure that the screws are fixed 6 inches apart.

  3. Build a frame

    Measure the mattress and build a frame according to the measurements. Take two pieces of one by two wood, and cut them the size of the length of the mattress. Cut two more pieces the size of the mattress’ width. Fix the corners of the frame with screws.

  4. Attach the ledger boards to the frame

    Build two ledger boards. Then, cut two pieces of a two by eight plank. These pieces must be a few inches longer than the frame. Fix the ledger boards to the length of the frame. Let the extra length of wood jut out from one end of the frame. Cut the fiberboard to fit the size of the frame. Fix it to the base of the frame with screws. Place the screws seven inches apart.

  5. Add the finishing touches

    Place the frame against the cabinet. Ensure that the ledger boards are placed inside the cabinet. Use sturdy hinges to attach the ledger boards to the cabinet. Finish by placing the mattress into the frame.