Do Mothballs Kill Roaches?

Roaches cannot be killed with mothballs; they can only be killed by using roach-specific poisoning or boric acid. The easiest way for people to get rid of a roach infestation is to call a professional exterminator.

Roaches can easily invade homes and stay for a long time once they have gotten in. The most common reason a roach infestation can begin is through boxes and bags from outside sources that have contained roaches. These boxes and bags could come from stores, restaurants and unclean hotels. They are also common in college dormitories and summer camps.

There are very few natural ways to kill roach infestations, but boric acid is one of the naturally occurring substances that does kill them. People who choose to use this method should take caution because it is extremely toxic and should never be left laying around near children or pets. Boric acid may take a long time to kill the roaches, and there is a smaller risk and higher success rate when commercial roach killing products are used to get rid of an infestation. Exterminators will have ideas on what to use but will also recommend a professional eradication, which is the best option.

Once a roach infestation has been cleared, it is important that people do everything they can to prevent it from reoccurring. Food should always be sealed, areas should be cleaned regularly and bags should be checked before they are brought into the home.