How Do You Mop Laminate Floors?

How Do You Mop Laminate Floors?

How Do You Mop Laminate Floors?

To mop a laminate floor, use as little liquid as necessary to remove stains, and substitute some elbow grease for additional soap to avoid a cloudy finish. Spot cleaning messes when they happen is preferable to slathering a full bucket of soapy water across a laminate surface.

  1. Pick up dust with a dry mop

    Use a soft, dry dust mop to get dirt and other small debris up off the floor, as standard brooms leave many small particles on the floor, and using a wet mop first can cause particles to either streak or scratch the floor. Use a vacuum if you do not have a dry dust mop, but choose the "hard floors" setting or turn off the roller.

  2. Mop the floor

    Spray cleanser onto the floor one section at a time before mopping that section and moving on. Ensure that you do not leave excess water sitting on the laminate floor after mopping, as excess water can slide between the pieces and make them swell. Check that each section is dry within a minute or two of you mopping it.

  3. Give the floor a nice shine

    Using a clean cloth diaper or a microfiber cloth, buff the laminate surface until it shines. Avoid using any chemicals; applying pressure with a dry cloth yields the best results.