Are Some Moles Harder to Kill Than Others?

There are seven types of moles in the United States that can all be fairly easy to kill if you have the appropriate equipment and right strategy. Mole eradication tactics are not specific to different species.

Moles often destroy nicely manicured lawns and gardens in search of earthworms and larvae. While they do not hurt the environment and even help aerate lawns and remove insects that destroy gardens, moles dig unpleasant tunnels and hills in the yard you.

The most effective way to kill moles is to utilize mole traps. Before investing in traps, check with your local authorities regarding the allowance of traps in your state. The best time of the year to try this is spring and fall.

Choose between an above-ground trap and a below-ground trap. Some traps are recommended if you have children or pets. A variety of traps is available at most hardware stores. Usually, there are only one or two moles in a particular yard, but professionals recommend setting several traps.

It is important that the traps are set in active tunnels, which are usually straight and long. If your traps do not catch the moles after a day or so, move them to different locations to try again.

After you have caught the moles disrupting your lawn, prevent moles from coming in the future by reducing the amount of water you give to your grass.