How Do You Get Free Mold Inspection Services?


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In most cases, the only way to get a free mold inspection is to find a company that offers these services for free. However, these companies also may make their money from removing the mold they find, which results in a conflict of interest that may lead to questionable results, warns MoldReport.

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If the mold results from a specific issue that is covered by a home insurance policy, such as a burst pipe, the insurance company may cover costs for testing and remediation. However, most mold problems stem from normal maintenance issues, such as leaks and humidity, so they are not covered by most policies.

If mold is present in a rented home, alert the landlord and property manager. If they refuse to remedy the situation, try reaching out to the housing authority or a tenant's rights group to determine the landlord's responsibilities and possible next steps.

Testing and inspection is not necessary for most mold problems, which tend to be visible or give off an unpleasant musty odor. Testing a house to see if mold is present is usually a waste of time and money. Some people test because someone in the house is developing an unexplained health problem that could be caused by mold, but this is usually not necessary. Testing cannot determine for sure whether the mold is the source of the problem.

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