How Is Mold in the Home Detected?


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Mold detection involves the physical inspection of a home for the presence of mold. While it is possible for homeowners to inspect for mold, there are also professional services that can perform these inspections. Professional inspection offers the advantage of trained technicians performing a thorough analysis that homeowners may not be capable of performing themselves.

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A mold detection inspection involves checking places in the home that may be prone to mold buildup; this can include spaces that are exposed to water or may be prone to leaks. Basements, bathrooms, closets, ducts and other dark, damp spaces are prone to mold issues, so these are obvious places to include in an inspection. Anything from a dank odor to the visible presence of mold can indicate a problem, and it should be treated with appropriate caution in further testing, cleanup and preventative maintenance to eradicate the issue.

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