How Does Mold Grow on Clothing?

mold-grow-clothing Credit: Ryan McVay/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Mold grows on clothes that are damp or wet. This includes clothing that is damp from washing without drying, and clothes that become wet from perspiration. To prevent mold growth, one should dry the laundry immediately after washing and avoid storing sweaty clothes in a hamper without air circulation.

Mold spores are in the air everywhere. They begin to grow anywhere they find moisture. Mold dissolves the fibers on which it grows. Without prompt removal, it ruins the garment. The chances of mold growth increase after a garment has been wet for 24 hours. The growth causes the wet clothes to smell bad and causes stains that are sometimes difficult to remove.

Wearing clothing with mold contamination often causes the skin to itch. The mold spores cause some people to experience sneezing and sinus conditions. Wearing these clothes also spreads mold spores in other areas around the house and increases the chances of spreading the mold infestation. Bleach, borax and vinegar are all effective at killing mold in the laundry. With proper use, these laundry additives also help to remove mold stains. The use of bleach is limited to white clothes as it removes the color from other garments. Borax and vinegar are safe for most fabrics as an additive to the wash.