What Is a Modesto Ash Tree?


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The Modesto ash tree, also known as Fraxinus velutina Modesto, is heat resistant and hardy in colder climates. Such characteristics make this ash tree optimal for southwestern locations.

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This ash is a moderately to quickly growing deciduous tree that grows to about 50 feet high with a crown 50 to 60 feet wide. The Modesto Ash features leaves that turn golden yellow during the fall. The willow-like leaves offer plenty of shade for medium to large yards, with a symmetrical round top.

Modesto ash trees are drought tolerant and are capable of handling poor soil, making them a prime choice for southwestern landscapers. This tree does best in full sun exposure, although it can tolerate partial shade as well. The ash prefers moist to dry soil along with clay, loam or sandy soil. In terms of soil pH, this tree thrives in highly acidic to highly alkaline soil. For those who live near the ocean, this ash has a good seaside tolerance in the mild zone.

The flowers are inconspicuous and bloom in spring. In addition the Modesto ash has male or female flowers and is sold as a male or female tree. The fruit is generally yellow or green and comes out in the summer or fall.

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