How Do You Modernize an Antique Sofa?


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Modernizing an antique sofa can be done as easily as adding a slipcover and new throw pillows or as elaborate as reupholstering the sofa and changing the wood frame. Updating an antique sofa for a modern space can be done a variety of ways.

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Since antique sofas are often times lower than modern furniture, adding height to an antique sofa makes it more comfortable and compatible with newer furnishings. One way to add height to an antique sofa is to make the cushions thicker. This can be done by either adding another layer to existing cushions or replacing the cushions with thicker ones altogether. Either way, doing this requires more fabric. This would be an opportune time to breathe new life into the sofa with all new upholstery or adding a pop of color with just the supplemental fabric. Another way to add height is to replace the legs of the sofa with longer ones, as long as the original legs are detachable. Changing the finish of the sofa's decorative wood frame is another way to modernize it. This can be done by sanding it down and either staining it to keep the natural wood look or painting it black, white, or even a bright or metallic color.

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