What Are Some Modern Ideas for Painting Walls?


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Some modern ideas for painting walls include ombre, watercolor, distressed looks and landscape scenes. It's also possible to create a modern look by choosing certain color schemes.

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Ombre walls feature colors that blend into each other, growing gradually darker as they reach the bottom. To create an ombre look, choose three colors, one of which is a darker version of another. For example, choose a dark shade of pink, a lighter pink and grey. The darkest hue goes at the bottom, and the lightest one goes at the top. To ensure the colors blend into each other, mix them together in various hues.

Alternatively, artistic individuals and those who are willing to hire a professional can create landscape scenes - such as city streets, flowers or fields - on their walls. To make the scene stand out, choose one area to act as a feature wall, and leave the others in plain colors. Watercolor effects offer a unique alternative to landscapes.

For a simpler approach to creating a modern paint job, try using bold color schemes. For example, try vibrant shades of green for a soothing look or reds and pinks for a romantic effect. Keep the end result from looking too garish by blending bright modern colors with classic hues.

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