What Are Some Modern Color Schemes That Can Be Used in a Living Room?


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Some modern color schemes that can be used in a living room include gray, green and purple. Rich brown is also a modern color scheme for a living room. These color schemes can bring a contemporary look into an old room.

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Gray is a color that creates a relaxing appeal in a living room. Other accent colors that complement gray include white and sand. Green, red and mustard can also accompany the gray to create a quietly charming look in the room.

To create a lively appearance in the living room, apply green shades of Kelly green or chartreuse, which are suitable especially when the color of the living room walls is neutral. For instance, the pillows, curtains and rugs can have the green color when the walls of the room are painted with tan color.

Purple color schemes should be complemented with neutral colors that are soft, and the purples should be used in small doses. A few neutral colors that complement purple include cream, white and linen. However, mixing excessive amounts of these colors with purple highlights may create an unfocused look in the room; hence, the colors should only be used in subtle shades for the best results.

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